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The annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) is one of the premier conferences in the wireless research arena and has a long history of bringing together academia, industry and regulatory bodies. Today, it has become one of IEEE Communication Society’s flagship conferences in telecommunications.

The 22nd IEEE Symposium on Personal, Indoor, Mobile and Radio Communications (PIMRC 2011) will be held in The Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is about an hour and half away from Niagara Falls, and Niagara‐on‐the‐lake, a renowned wine country, and about two hours away from Thousand Islands. Toronto is an intimate metropolis featuring the best the world has to offer in dining, shopping, creativity, architecture, entertainment and sports. Toronto has over 7,000 restaurants, is the world’s third largest centre for live theatre, and is one of the world’s great shopping destinations. PIMRC 2011 will overlap with the Toronto International Film Festival, which will give an opportunity to the attendees to also enjoy this major event.


PIMRC 2010, 26-29 September Istanbul, Turkey

PIMRC 2009, 13-16 September, Tokyo, Japan

PIMRC 2008, 15-18 September, Cannes. France

PIMRC 2007, 3-7 September, Athens, Greece

PIMRC 2006, 11-14 September, Helsinki, Finland


The foundation for PIMRC was a 1989 workshop on Mobile Communications organized by Prof Aghvami of King's College London with the cooperation of the local IEEE Communication Society Chapter. With fewer than 100 participants and about thirty technical papers, the workshop was a successful experience for this new industry that was about to explode. In 1990, King's College organized a similar successful conference under the name ISSSTA.

The first PIMRC, as an international symposium, also took place in King's College, with joint sponsorship of the local IEEE Communication Society Chapter and close cooperation with BT laboratories. Dr Rowbotham, director of BT Labs, was the honorary chairman, Prof Aghvami was the organizer and the TPC chair while Dr Kato and Prof Pahlavan were the area coordinators in Far East and North America, respectively. The conference attracted around 200 participants and several prominent figures in the industry.

In 1992, PIMRC was scheduled for Boston. The conference attracted more than 500 people from more than 25 different countries and almost all the major figures in the cellular, PCS, wireless LAN, and mobile data industries. To reflect the true international spirit of the conference, IEEE Communication Society, IEE and IEICE were invited to cooperate with the conference.

The following edition of PIMRC was held in Yokohama in 1993 with over 500 participants from more than 25 countries.

In the 1994 edition of PIMRC, held in the Hague, Holland, the organization of the conference was for the first time endorsed by the area coordinators to the local team; held in parallel with WCN conference, it attracted 500 participants.

Toronto followed in 1995 with 600 participants from more than thirty countries and about 270 technical papers; the IEEE Communication Society sponsored the conference for the first time.  Eleven years later the city of Toronto hosts the conference for the second time.

PIMRC Chronology
o PIMRC 1991 in London
o PIMRC 1992 in Boston, MA, USA
o PIMRC 1993 in Yokohama, Japan
o PIMRC 1994 in The Hague, Netherlands
o PIMRC 1995 in Toronto, ON., Canada,
o PIMRC 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan
o PIMRC 1997 in Helsinki, Finland
o PIMRC 1998 in Boston, MA, USA
o PIMRC 1999 in Osaka, Japan
o PIMRC 2000 in London, UK
o PIMRC 2001 in San Diego, USA
o PIMRC 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal
o PIMRC 2003 in Beijing, China
o PIMRC 2004 in Barcelona, Spain
o PIMRC 2005 in Berlin, Germany
o PIMRC 2006 in Helsinki, Finland
o PIMRC 2007 in Athens, Greece
o PIMRC 2008 in Cannes, France
o PIMRC 2009 in Tokyo, Japan
o PIMRC 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey
o PIMRC 2011 in Toronto, ON, Canada
o PIMRC 2012 will be in Sydney, Australia




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