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Steering Committee
Hamid Aghvami
Shuzo Kato
Kaveh Pahlavan
Roberto de Marca

General Chair
Kaveh Pahlavan

TPC Chairs
Shahrokh Valaee
Elvino Sousa

Tutorial Chairs
Abbas Jamalipour
Hussein Mouftah
Victor Leung

Workshop Chairs
Ian Oppermann
Savo Glisic

Panel Chairs
Yves Lostanlen
Luis Correia

Invited Papers Chair
Vahid Tarokh

Student Travel Grant Chair
John Proakis
Masoud Salehi
Track Chairs

Wide Area Cellular Communications
Benoit Champagne
Hamid Jafarkhani
Sofiene Affes

Autonomous Infrastructure Deployment
Antonio Rodrigues
Elvino Sousa

Rath Vannithamby

Local and Personal Area Networks
Ben Liang
Xinrong Li
Zoran Zovran

Security and Localization
Ivan Stojmenovic
Nader Moayeri
Wenjing Lou

Intelligent Transportation Networks
Hossein Pishro-Nik
Soumaya Cherkaoui
Yaser P. Fallah

Wireless Networks and Health Care
Kamran Sayrafian
Kamya Yazdandoost
Ryuji Khono

Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Management
Alagan Anpalagan
Ekram Hossain
Long Le

The Full list of TPC members can be found here.
Publication and Website Chair
Petar Djukic

Local Arrangements
Sameh Sorour

Finance Chair
Bruce Worthman

IEEE ComSoc Liaison
Debora Kingston

Publicity Chair and Liaisons
Reza Zekavat (North and South America)
Matti Latva-aho (Europe and Africa)
Hsiao-Hwa Chen (Asia and Australia)

General Advertisement Chair
Muzaffer Kanaan

Wireless Health Liaison
Jalal Mapar

Advisory Committee
Behnam Aazhang
Ramon Agusti
Ian Akyildiz
Victor Bahl
Vijay Bhargava
K. C. Chen
Pierre Chevillat
Mischa Dohler
Tony Ephremidis
Michael Fang
David Falconer
Robert Heile
Mohsen Kavehrad
Ryuji Kohno
Pentti Leppanen
Allen Levesque
Petri Mahonen
Tero Ojanpera
Vincent Poor
Ramjee Prasad
Ted Rappaport
Dipankar Raychaudhuri
Hikmet Sari
Don Shilling
Vahid Tarokh
Desmond Taylor
Bernhard Walke

Graphic Designer
Max Loskutnikov




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